«Photos of Shakira without a bra are surprising»: a singer knows how to dress in order to show her shape

Shakira wanted to show her talent first and then her perfect appearance.

Shakira’s wardrobe is a little more modest than the clothes of other celebrities, but she knows how to emphasize her perfect figure.

The singer from Colombia wore bold outfits until 2009, demonstrating her excellent forms. But after 2009, Shakira wanted to show her talent first, and then the perfect appearance.

Shakira’s Instagram account is not filled with photos of a star in a bikini. Her content demonstrates her sons Milan, born in 2013, and Sasha, born in 2015, from her former partner of Gerard Pique. She also shares her songs, their premieres, and amazing photos.

The world-famous Colombian singer very often wears clothes without a bra.

But she can wear such clothes because her figure is perfect even at 46 years old

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