«Brad Pitt is already retired»: the actor decided to sell the mansion in which he lived with Angelina Jolie

Now his big mansion is up to $40 million.

Oscar-winning actor Brad Pitt is now selling a mansion in which he lived with Angelina Jolly. He bought it for $ 1.7 million in 1994 before marrying Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolly.

The house is located in the Los Feliz area in the Los Angeles area. Now the mansion costs up to $ 40 million.

Now he has an affair with Ines de Ramon. It seems that they begin a new life, and Brad, having already matured, wants something new, small, and convenient in Los Angeles. Therefore, he sells his huge mansion.

It seems that a 59-year-old actor and a 31-year-old fan of fitness, a healthy lifestyle coach, and an influential person on social networks perfectly understand each other. They were noted at different times, cooling and enjoying in their best manifestations.

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