A smart lonely cat was looking for food for her babies and did it so beautifully that she found a house

She behaved timidly, and when she grew bolder, she began to meow plaintively.

Sarah Kelly accidentally found out about a homeless red cat. The cat recently gave birth and after the babies grew up a little, she began to look for their house. And she did it very competently.

For the first time, the cat was noticed on the porch of the house. She behaved very timidly, and when she dared, she began to meow plaintively.

It was evident that the animal was very exhausted and hungry. People took pity on the tramp and fed her.

Having eaten, the cat ran away. And the next day she returned, but with a kitten.

The baby was an exact copy of her and followed his mother. He was very hungry. A day later, the cat again decided to visit her two-legged friends, but this time with two babies.

Sarah found overexposure to a fluffy family and, together with her friends, went to catch animals.

The kittens were found without problems and neatly placed in a large box. The cat’s mother put a humane trap, but she ran away.

A little later, the red cat returned to the porch, where it was fed. The tramp was caught and sent to the kittens which had already missed it.

The family temporarily settled on overexposure. The food here is warm, dry, and tasty. All three are quickly accustomed to new conditions: they eat a lot, rest, and play. Sarah is already looking for a family for her new wards.

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