A caring and kind veterinarian built a village for dogs and wants other people to do this

The source of funding for the organization is just donations from caring citizens.

On the territory of his shelter entrusted to his care, the Polish veterinarian Radloslav Fedachinski organized a real dog paradise.

And the source of financing his organization is largely only donations from caring citizens.

Dogs fall into the shelter for various reasons, so a rehabilitation center and a veterinary service operate on the territory of the institution.

The dwellings for dogs are small colorful houses with neat flower beds in front of them. And even inside these dog residential premises are not at all like banal dog booths.

There are no cellular fences and unpleasant odors that often accompany such institutions. And there are specialized furniture, and communications with heating systems and even air conditioners, and even Internet access!

The very idea itself is still at the implementation stage, not all the plan has been done.

In the future, it is planned to build up to forty such houses, and the zoo defender hopes that in the future his experience will be useful to organize such institutions around the world.

Indeed, this idea is so inspiring! Dogs and other animals need more attention and care. We must keep them in good condition and provide them with the best place to live.

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