«What they think when choosing clothes»: outfits of Hollywood famous stars surprised fans

Some of them have remained in our memory with their extravagant dresses.

Frank dresses have long been popular. First of all, it was Marlene Dietrich, then Marilyn Monroe followed her, and this style became extremely popular.

Nowadays, it is too difficult to express someone with their frank dress, because earlier Hollywood stars wore very intriguing outfits.

However, some of them remained in our memory with their extravagant outfits.

The bright actress Julia Fox came to the CDFA award ceremony in an outrageously short dress. The dress did not hide anything, so it is difficult to call it a full dress.

In turn, the American singer Hasley shocked the audience with a black dress made of translucent material.

Rihanna is known for his love for nakedness. Recently she was pregnant and showed her beauty in a very attractive dress.

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