Unique parrot helped criminals, refused to betray them, and was arrested in Brazil

Parrot was arrested and trained by traffickers in illegal substances.

Many animals are accustomed to constantly helping people in a variety of matters. But, as a rule, we perceive dogs as faithful assistants. After all, they can really be the most devoted and obedient. Such animals easily perform in many teams and always obey people.

It just turned out that not only dogs can be correctly trained and educated. Not so long ago, a parrot was arrested in Brazil and was trained by merchants on prohibited substances. Yes, you must admit, it’s really difficult to believe in it!

But the parrot turned out to be too smart. It turned out that he warned his owners about approaching the police house.

As soon as the cars drove through or there was a threat to the safety of criminals, the bird immediately began to shout: «Mom, the police! »

When the parrot was brought to the station, he was just silent. The police tried to get at least some information from the bird. But he completely ignored law enforcement officers.

It can be seen that the criminals clearly learned to train the parrot very well and efficiently. After all, they could even count on the fact that the police would try to get at least some information from the bird.

And even professionals working with parrots could not find out even some small details from the parrot.

Now the bird was transferred to the local zoo. It is no longer planned to conduct any interrogations of pets. Sources report that after about three months the parrot wants to let go of the wild.

After all, everyone has already understood that the bird would not give any useful information for the investigation.

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