«No one is safe for the disease»: here are the world-famous celebrities who have autism

Such children can adapt to society and lead normal life.

There are many children that are born with an autistic spectrum disorder. However, they can adapt to society and lead normal life.

Stanley Kubrick

The ingenious director, who gave the world the «Space Odyssey», «The Shining» and «Fullmetal Alchemist», suffered from Asperger’s syndrome. This disorder is part of the range of autism and includes difficulties in interaction, violation of movement coordination, unusual perfectionism, and lack of empathy.

He was rude with his accusations, ignored their problems, and put forward terrible demands. For example, Shelley Duvall (Wendy) during the filming of the film «Shine» was supposed to repeat the same scene 147 times. The actress began to lose her hair due to stress.

Robin Williams

Actor Robin Williams was never diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome during his lifetime, but many facts from his life indicate this. People close to him noted his extreme awkwardness in social interactions. His battle with depression, which he eventually lost, can also serve as a key to unraveling. Asperger syndrome, since patients with this syndrome, often suffer from «complications», such as bipolar disorder. Robin Williams committed suicide on August 11, 2014.

Suzanne Boyle

Scott Susan Boyle became famous throughout the world after her victory at the UK National Talent Show in 2009 with the song «I Dreamed a Dream». They mocked her at school, and her schoolwork failed. After school, Susan worked as an assistant to the cook for six months.

A disabled person living on a modest pension had to fight constant depression and anxiety every day. But in her soul, she had a dream to become a singer. After her fame fell on Boyle, she underwent a medical examination and made the correct diagnosis: Asperger’s syndrome.

Bill Gates

If Bill Gates is not the most famous person with autism, he is the richest. Experts suggest that he has Asperger syndrome, but thanks to the efforts of his wealthy parents, his eccentricity did not become an obstacle to his formation.

Since childhood, Bill was instilled with the desire for constant competition and continuous knowledge. Bill Gates invariably enters the top three richest people in the world. Already at the age of 12, he came to the conclusion that programs, not cars, will change the future.

In 1975, he founded Microsoft with his friend Allen. Microsoft turned the world over, making computers available to the public, which was far from programming. Gates donates most of the profit to charity.

Anthony Hopkins

The star of «Silence of the lamb» did not know that he had Asperger’s syndrome until he was 80 years old. In his youth, he studied poorly because of dyslexia and did not know how to read or write, so he decided early to devote his life to art. He learned to play the piano but did little. Fortunately, at the age of 15, he met actor Richard Burton, after which he began to take acting lessons.

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