«Friends who are never inseparable»: Kate and Leo since the «Titanic» became friends for life

After the «Titanic, » many fans even thought that they are dating.

People love to hear something about Kate and Leo. After the Titanic, many fans even thought that they were meeting, but this is a fake since they were good friends.

Although many people think that the first time they met was during the film «Titanic» in 1997, they met at the Cannes Film Festival in 1996. They could not even imagine that they would soon appear in the famous film by James Cameron.

Many years later, they appear as a husband and wife in the film «The Road of Changes» of 2008.

And Kate was next to her friend when Leo finally received an Oscar in 2016. Kate claimed that he was her best friend, and she was supposed to be near to support him at such a great moment.

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