«Incomparable Ashley is simply charming»: the artist manages to have fun on the beach and look fine

Actually, Ashley is not one of those who share photos in a swimsuit.

Ashley Simpson is a little more indecisive with regard to the publication of batteries than her older sister Jessica Simpson, despite the fact that she has an older sister who is the queen of bikinis. Nevertheless, the singer sometimes manages to put on a hot two-suit.

The proud mother of three children and her husband Evan Ross live in a house in the Los Angeles area with a pool in the backyard, but Ashley is not one of those who share photos in it on social networks.

The couple prefers to publish photos of their children entertaining in the water, especially the daughter of Jagger Snow (born in 2015) and the boy Ziggi Blue (born in 2020). Nevertheless, Ashley from time to time appeared in photographs in a bikini, having fun in the water with her children.

With his ex-husband Pete, the singer, the singer also has a teenage son named Bronx Ventz.

Whether it is a family trip to Maui or a sea walk in Austin, Texas, Ashley and Evan undoubtedly love outdoor activities in warm weather. The singer «La-la» posed with one of her closest friends while kayaking on the Caribbean Sea to demonstrate her amazing physique in a bikini.

Evan likes how beautiful his girlfriend looks in swimsuits and his mother-legendary singer Diane Ross. In 2016, he published a monochrome image on Instagram, in which Ashley poses in the pool, wearing black overalls with a deep neckline and a large pattern of pineapple in front.

He signed the photo by writing: «This is my wife !! @ashleesimpsonross, as well as hashtags «Mother of my child» and «I love, love, love, love, love, love pineapple».

On August 30, 2014, the couple exchanged oaths at a wedding in a bohemian style in his mother’s mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut. The bride and groom were married to Diana, who also sang «Endless Love. for guests at the reception.

The wedding was a family business, because Jessica, Ashley’s sister, was a bride’s girlfriend, Maxwell, the two-year-old daughter of Jessica, acted as a flower grinder, and Ace, a 14-month-old child of a tycoon, wore rings. Bronx, Ashley’s child, who was five years old then, went with her to Evan.

When passionate relations began between Ashley and Evan, they were friends for more than ten years. Further things went pretty quickly! In 2014, during a vacation in Hawaii, Evan made an offer, and after eight months they got married. They remain happily in love today.

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