«Charming Hailey is the beauty of Victoria’s Secret»: her extraordinary beauty shines in lace lingerie

The model exuded confidence in her postures in recently released photographs.

Goddess! In his last Victoria’s Secret advertising campaign, Hailey Bieber was dressed in a completely white lace set of underwear, in which she looked stunning. The model radiated confidence in its poses in recently published photographs, swaying in an obscene bra and underwear.

The 25-year-old Haley wore an underwire push-up bra and several pairs of identical panties of different styles. In one sensual photo, the model jerked the hips with a low landing under his hips. Hailey’s loyalty to her Pilates program led to the fact that she had very tight and tense body muscles, which were shown in the context below her navel.

Mrs. Justin Bieber stood, raising her hands above her head, and smiled brightly. She was wearing another pair of trousers with a slightly higher landing.

The pose impeccably emphasized the beautiful long legs and the slender figure of Hailey. In the third image, she sat limply on the ground, crossing her legs.

In all the photos there was a simple blue background, which allowed the amazing Hailey body in underwear to occupy a central place without any interference. Grace Elizabeth and Mayowa Nicholas, two other models also participate in the campaign. Their photographs were taken in a tropical environment with a large rattan chair, a large number of foliage, and a beach with white sand.

In October 2021, Hailey joined the company after changes were made to it to make its models and sizes more diverse.

Now it is called «Victoria’s Secret’s VS Collective» after the company abandoned the show of mod using traditional «Angels» in favor of inspirational and influential women, such as player Megan Rapinoe and actress Priyanka Chopra.

I am so glad to announce that I join the @victoriassecret #VSCollective platform for strong women to express my voice in an authentic way. I look forward to partnership with VS on this journey and in everything that is ahead.

It is a great honor for me to be with these incredible ladies, many of whom gave me endless hours of inspiration due to their own experience.

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