Kind couple took their sweet dog to the photo shoot and did not suspect what would happen

They decided to take their favorite pet-a dog-into the frame.

Close to the perfect conceptual plan of the pre-wedding photo shoot can be called a variation of the photographer Nelly Carello and two Brazilians of this story.

Brazilians, really passionate young people from the city of Campo Grande in the southwest of Brazil wanted to arrange a beautiful photo shoot.

They decided to take their beloved pets-dog into the frame. And as you know, the best friends of a person increase the coolness of any photo by 10 times.

«I really want our beloved puppy to be with us in several photographs, he is very cute and Mega calm. Do not hesitate and believe me that he will behave well! »

The bride explained the reason for her desire. And now below we will demonstrate to your gaze a charming result.

Definitely, the idea of taking a dog for a photo shoot was excellent, they were justified. His presence added sincerity, liveliness, and love to the already idyllic atmosphere.

And it seems to us that the dog looks happy, like the owners with those burning with happiness and love. This unconditionally indicates that the atmosphere in a future family will be favorable.

And perhaps he is definitely lucky with his parents. And if in your life there are difficulties with finding a concept for pre-wedding photography, then take this idea with a pencil. It is simple, but this is the charm.

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