«For this, he put on a skirt»: handsome Robert wants everyone to get rid of stereotypes

Science may have named him the most gorgeous guy in the world.

Robert Pattinson demonstrated that he was more than just a beautiful face. Science may have called him the most beautiful guy in the world. When it comes to Hollywood conventions, he is not afraid to shake himself, and he achieves this, by challenging prejudices and opposing destructive social norms.

When actor Batman arrived at the Paris event in a blue tweed skirt, he made a bold fashion statement. He wore a fur jacket, thick socks, and a couple of black leather boots to complete this stylish image.

In addition to other famous guys, such as Brad Pitt, who defended this unisex image on the catwalk, Pattinson is the last star, which highlighted the men’s skirt. This fashion encourages the guys to accept their feminine side and conveys the idea that wearing a skirt is not necessarily a sign of oddity.

But, like other people, Pattinson fought with self-doubt and did not always feel good because of his appearance.

Although he, perhaps, managed to demonstrate his bold outfit at the Dior show, he did not always have the courage to try something new.

He previously admitted that he has anxiety and body dysmorphia, that is, an obsession with his shortcomings and imperfections.

I hate to go to the gym, and I do not have 6 cubes. All my life I have been like that. I would never want to take off my shirt. During the filming of Twilight, the film crew persuaded him to take off his shirt, but in an interview he said: «I suppose they told me to put it on again».

He admitted that he experimented with other diet plans, one of which included detoxification by eating potatoes. Nothing, only boiling potatoes, and pink Himalayan salt. Apparently, this is purification, and you will lose weight.

«I tried all the quirks that you can imagine, everything except constancy», the author said. Thus, his resolution for 2023 is to correspond to his food habits more.

According to Pattinson, adverse stereotypes about the body can also negatively affect men.

Pattinson said: «I think that if you are training all the time, you are part of the problem». When he was asked how he came into form for the role of Batman.

You have created a standard. In the 1970s, no one was doing this. Even James Dean was not particularly muscular.

He received a lot of criticism for his answer, but later he explained that the reason why he did not want to discuss his training program was that it was «rather embarrassing when you get into the template of answers to questions about your training, because what is. I will always be a guy who is in the best form than you».

He continued, saying that men, including the younger generation, have a huge pressure to look attractive. This is madness, yes. And even if you just follow your calorie consumption, getting into this cycle is quite simple, because it is so seductive.

However, he made a warning, saying: «You really do not understand how insidious it is until it is too late», in the hope that this will inspire people to abandon the destructive practice.

What do you think of the skirt that Pattinson wore? Have you ever experienced problems with the image of the body? How did you deal with this?

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