«Demi’s beauty in swimming trunks stuns»: she will soon be 60 and it seems that old age passes by her

Demi, who will celebrate her 60th birthday, shows an excellent figure.

Violence in his youth, miscarriage, treason of Ashton Kutcher, and a difficult parting with him, in the life of Demi Moore, there were many sad events. However, now the actress is clearly a white strip.

The beauty had a new man-chef, Daniel Hamm. He is 46 years old, and he is 13 years younger than Moore. At first, Demi did not confirm the relationship with Daniel but then posted several pictures with her lover. And I must admit, the couple looks very happy.

In the summer, the Hollywood star, which is still not averse to withdrawn in swimsuits, released a joint collection with Andie Swimwear, of course, became the face of an advertising campaign. The photo of Demi, which will turn 60 in November, demonstrates an excellent figure actress posing on a yacht, by the pool, and on the balcony with views of the sea.

On the eve of the actress again laid out a frame on which she appeared in a snow-white swimsuit with an overstated waist in the 1950s-and-out, from her own collection. To be precise, Demi shared with subscribers at once two pictures in a bikini-on a friend, she basks in the sun in a black set.

«I enjoy the last days of summer», Moore wrote.

In July, Demi gave an interview with Vogue magazine, in which she said that in the past few years, she noticed that swimsuits are becoming franker. And, apparently, it was this that prompted her to create her own line.

«In recent years, I see fewer and fewer fabrics. But how much can we show? Sometimes there is no longer a place for imagination», the star shares.

At the same time, Demi emphasized that her main message is that a woman does not have to be exposed in order to feel sexy.

In a word, if you could not find motivation for sports, then the photo of Demi Moore is the most long-awaited sign.

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