«Kendall Jenner’s date with a famous musician»: the paparazzi noticed them during a double date

According to information, they have been spotted on a date more than once.

Last summer, Kendall Jenner broke up with her boyfriend Devin Booker, whom she met for two whole years.

Then the insider emphasized that the model and the athlete were discussing their joint future and realized that they saw him completely differently.

«Kendall feels their paths diverge», the insiders say. Several times this pair was noticed together. But, contrary to the aspirations of fans, celebrities did not get along.

The next time, Internet users were sure that another athlete, a different athlete, would have a special weakness for basketball players.

However, the other day, a Deuxmoi celebrity blogger said that the model of the model was Bad Bunny (the real name of the singer Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio).

According to her, the couple has been seen more than once on a date. And they did not hide romantic feelings for each other. However, until recently, no paparazzi photos could be taken.

On February 19, Kendall went on a date with a new boyfriend, taking with her another couple and Justin Bieber.

Street photographers failed to capture the newly made lovers together. However, all doubts have already been scattered because four celebrities had dinner.

By the way, Kendall was dressed in straight brown leather trousers and a black top on a date. On top of her outfit, she threw an aged leather jacket.

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