Dramatic and unique dog faints while the caring woman tries to cut her claws

He even manages to pretend to be dead, so long as he is not touched.

We know how difficult it is to lead dogs and cats to the veterinarian. Only anticipating «trouble», they begin to hide, behave well and even pretend to be healthy.

There are several options: some are silently resigned and take execution with a type of discontent, some begin to scream, howl, and growl that a person cannot fit, but some give out such charms that it is time to begin to give out an Oscar.

In the video that we found for you today, the dog reacts very interestingly to the fact that his owner will now cut his claws. He even manages to pretend to be dead until they touch him. Not everyone can put on such a play.

And, again, even a person can envy this dog emotionally. Carry Oscar, such a talent disappears! I can imagine how much laughter the owners experienced during each haircut.

You need to free more time for this procedure to enjoy the talent of such a dog. Of course, we have seen a lot, but this exhibition of dogs is for the first time.

All wonderful dogs and cats give us many reasons for shooting.

But we do not always have time to do it! Well, this family has done everything possible for you and us.

Let’s run away and just look at this wonderful dog. In this video, he gives a master class on how to prevent a person to cut claws.

Yes, this action is very far from the campaign of girls to manicures.

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