«After this, only one question arises»: Eva shared a photo in a beautiful swimsuit

With enviable regularity, Eva shares photos from the sandy shores.

Eva shared a photograph of swimming. And we have only one question. How?

Eva Longoria Tot is the most example of how cool it is to look, approaching the treasured 50. And, of course, the star of the «desperate housewives» does not miss the opportunity to share the results of their willpower.

With enviable regularity, Eva shares photos from sandy shores in images traditional for locations. For example, in the summer of 2022, the Influencer relied on a neon swimsuit, and in the fall she opted for black classics in the new version.

And the other day, the 47-year-old actress decided to make a move with a white horse. Eva posted a photo in a classic printed bikini with yellow details on the ties.

In the pictures it is immediately clear that Longoria clearly does not get out of the gym, they are in charge of a pumped calf and abdominal muscles. Just say that we will also look on the way to the age of 50, we will definitely get to training today. However, in the next hundred.

In the post, she is depicted sitting on a luxurious yacht and a hand with a hand over her hair. She signed it, asking: «Has anyone else missed the summer sun? » Her fans were not slow to praise her physique or express in their comments how much they miss the sun. The follower commented on the «body» along with fiery emoticons. You are literally shining», the other person said.

Considering that in her Instagram account, images related to the gym and healthy food regularly appear, it is not surprising that Longoria has such an appearance as her.

Longoria said that she is training for an hour every day to take care of her mental health, in an interview for Women’s Health magazine. Ironically, she continued, the use of this trampoline has a slight effect, so you can sweat without worrying that your knees will be clogged.

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