A wonderful story in which a lonely cat with a difficult fate found happiness in a beautiful family

The stray cat wandered alone on the streets for a long time, then ended up in a shelter.

They say that to meet a black cat is a misfortune.

But if you look at this situation from a different angle, you can find a good friend and a beautiful fluffy neighbor!

One such homeless cat long time wandered alone along the streets of Chicago, after which he fell into the shelter.

Of course, life in a shelter is better than in the realities of urban life, but for another six months, the cat could not wait for its new owners.

Once he was lucky: a married couple visited the shelter, and he jumped to the man and was not going to let go.

The cat named Nikita was found by a special organization that engages in catching animals and helping them in life. He was so friendly to people that the staff realized that this cat needs to be tamed.

Another special organization took Nikita, and he became a member of the adoption program. But for six months after him no one came, and the cat was sad.

Once Andrea and Rich Williams were in a shelter. The couple was going to take her pet home.

Nikita immediately fell in love with his future father Rich, climbed to his knees, rubbed his face, and did not want to let go.

The couple immediately melted. The photographs of their first meeting show that Rich simply could not hold back a smile.

Nikita had been waiting for a very long time, but finally found his happiness and left for a new house.

In his own house, he investigated every corner and the owners say that without other cats he became more open. His habit of sleeping on his knees remained, so Nikita is a very lazy pet. Every day he enjoys his new home and loving masters.

Nikita, according to his new parents, became truly manual. He is all the time with his people. After a hard day, he manages to make his dad massage. He also says a lot.

Constantly in the house, you can hear the «meow» and the endless «MRR». Even the newly-made family watches the TV only together: the cat sets up on the knees of the hosts and enjoys the moment.

Yes, pets are happiness!

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