The Guinness Book of Records appropriated this cat with the abilities of the title of the most intelligent cat

Unlike dogs, which are ready to obey any commands, cats are self-willed.

Cats are very proud, rebellious, and not able to listen to anyone, although affectionate and loving with their owners.

That is why it is difficult to train cats and it is almost impossible to teach a cat to execute a command. Unlike dogs which are ready to obey any team, cats are their way.

But this cat decided to be an exception. She saw a video with the most trained dog, which collected millions of views, and decided that she was no worse.

So the cat decided that she would easily surpass the dog. She is fearless. When Dija fails, she never gives up and continues to do the same trick until she succeeds.

Rather, see if she succeeded! The cat performs amazing commands: swims on a dog in the pool ride on a skateboard and boldly jumps over a group of dogs. What courage!

Now Dija is the most popular and smart cat in the world! This title was awarded to the Guinness Book of Records.

Its owner has good endurance and patience if he was able to teach a smart cat such tricks. Want to see a cat with a super name?

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