«Just scary to see her with this appearance»: Madonna poses as a naked witch

She attracted attention not with her already familiar bare chest, but with red hair.

The 64-year-old Madonna does not want to put up with the departed youth and is desperately trying to draw attention to her body with various experiments.

On the eve of Halloween, the pop star posted a photo in which she poses without a bra, covering her nipples with candy emoji and a cash bag. Despite such manipulations, Instagram threatened the singer Ban on her page, after which the shocking star deleted the post.

However, immediately after this, the Hung Up artist again went to the platform and again shared with hot selfie subscribers, but already through Instagram Stories. This time, she attracted attention not so much by her already familiar breasts as with red hair and whitened eyebrows, which gave her face a terrible look.

«Bad girl!» The mother of six children signed the shocking publication.

The other day we posted a video in which Madonna’s children are horrified by their Halloween outfits-devil horns, skulls, and bones …

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