«This performance will definitely go down in history»: Rihanna showed pregnancy on the Super Bowl show

For her performance, the star chose a Loewe jumpsuit and an Alaia jacket.

All multimillion-dollar fans of Rihanna were looking forward to this day.

The fact is that the singer has not released new albums since she launched her cosmetic brand. And for a very long time, we have not seen her live performances.

However, for the show during the break of the 2023 Super Cup, Rihanna decided to go on stage again. And, of course, I prepared for this event for several months.

The Internet users were sure that after the Super Cup Riri would follow Beyoncé’s example and go on a tour, but it wasn’t there.

Apparently, neither new music nor even more than performances, it makes no sense to wait for us. The thing is that the singer is pregnant with a second child. It became clear when she went on the Halftime Show stage.

For her performance, the star chose Loewe overalls and the Alaia jacket.

In some places, a tight-fitting outfit quite tightly fits the artist’s figure, so it was impossible not to notice obvious changes. However, some Internet users believe that RIRI has not yet recovered after the birth of the firstborn.

Recall that her son was born about 9 months ago. On the other hand, if Rihanna is pregnant, it becomes clear why, in a recent interview and at a press conference in front of the Super Cup, the star talked so much about motherhood.

In total, the artist performed more than 10 songs, some of which are quite firmly connected with Kanye West. By the way, he is not the first «canceled» person whom Riri thus supported. Before that, Johnny Depp participated in her show.

So now Internet users are waiting for details from Rihanna herself. And at the same time congratulate her on the fact that soon she will become a mother for the second time.

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