«Nobody saw such a queen yet»: Kate Middleton showed a rare family photo of Elizabeth II

Everywhere the queen behaved as reservedly as at official events.

It turns out that the late grandmother of the princes of William and Harry in his youth arranged spectacular performances.

Elizabeth II has always been a standard of good manners.

There were rumors that even in the circle of the closest, the queen behaved almost as restrained as at official events.

However, the relatives of Her Majesty have repeatedly denied the assumptions of fans. As an example of what the queen really was, Kate Middleton showed one of the archival family photos. And this picture will definitely surprise you.

On the occasion of the Nativity, Princess Wales showed a frame on which Elizabeth poses on stage.

According to Kate Middleton, the future Queen of Great Britain organized a performance based on the fairy tale «Aladdin» with her younger sister, Princess Margaret.

It is assumed that Prince Philip was among the guests of the evening. But he did not participate in the production, watching his narrow from the hall.

«I remember how I organized such things when I was a little girl herself. Now my children love to arrange a show and often arrange small shows for us», Kate shared.

Middleton noted that she is still dancing with the heirs when George, Charlotte, and Louis are asking their parents to spend more time together.

In addition, the governess of Queen Marion Crawford wrote in her memoirs that she remembered this day for life.

«The performance was very good. I have never seen Lilibet more alive. There was a spark in it, which none of us had ever seen before», she said.

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