«For many years he lives far from people»: the former millionaire has been living on an uninhabited island for 30 years

He had everything and only one moment in his life became a turning point.

Everyone understands happiness in different ways: someone from a deaf village wants to move to a big city and build a brilliant career, and someone wants to hide from all the benefits of civilization in a secluded place.

Today we will talk about such a person: he had everything – family, money, good work, and only one moment in his life became a turning point.

In the past, David-Living Sydney (Australia). In 1987, he lost millions on the exchange.

For a couple of years, much has changed in his life. And it is not known how a further story would have happened if it were not for one case.

David met a woman from Zimbabwe and fell in love with her. It was she who pushed and inspired him to move.

For all the remaining money, David rented an uninhabited island a few kilometers from Australia and went there with his lover. She could not stand such a life and soon left David.

Since then, a man has been living on an uninhabited island for 26 years. His loneliness is brightened up by a dog named Quasi and a beloved business-David cooks a foamy drink. He also catches fish and crabs and grows vegetables.

David himself built a house from improvised materials in which he has been living for many years.

He also installed solar panels, so there is electricity in the house. Sometimes travelers and fishermen land on the island.

David communicates with them and treats them in that he himself raised or set it out. According to the man, at such moments he understands how much he yearns for people, through communication, but in solitude, he still finds harmony and calm, which is not yet ready to abandon.

So lives the most famous Australian hermit Robinson.

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