«Woman could not pass by»: the child was lying on the dirty floor in an empty house and the woman saved her

The baby had a severe form of hydrocephalus and urgently needed surgery.

Sarah Conk-28-year-old certified specialist in therapeutic rest. At one time, she was in Haiti and was able to help such children, both morally and physically.

But once an event happened that completely changed her life.

Once in a medical center where she worked, they brought a little girl. At that time she was 3 months old.

She was in a very serious condition. The child had a severe form of hydrocephalus, and he urgently needed an operation.

The girl’s name was Nicky. And the woman, called the aunt of the child, brought her to the hospital.

The child was performed, and everything went well.

Doctors were satisfied with Nicky’s condition. She recovered and prepared for discharge.

However, the woman, called Aunt, turned out to be the mother of the baby. After she left her daughter in the hospital, she disappeared, and no one else saw her.

Careful medical center workers still managed to find her phone number. They called and asked to pick up the child, but she did not agree.

Sarah was able to talk with her mother, convinced her to take her daughter, and promised that she would help financially. In addition, nicknames will always be free.

After a while, Sarah decided to find out about the condition of the baby. She called her mother, but she did not answer calls.

It was panicked. She was very worried about this child and decided to go straight to their home.

What she saw there, Sarah remembered for the rest of her life.

Entering the house, she found a girl lying on the floor among garbage and other trash.

Sarah’s terrible fears were confirmed: the mother abandoned the child.

The woman without hesitation took the girl to the hospital. Her condition was very difficult, doctors did not give any forecasts.

But Nicky and Sarah fought with all their might. It’s hard to believe how much the child has changed.

Six months later, Sarah took Nicky under guardianship. When all the documents were in order, the girl went to a new house.

Now she is already two years old, and she is very happy.

She has everything she needs, a mother with a huge loving heart.

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