«This is incredible news for fans»: Selena Gomez and Drew Taggart were seen by the hands

Page Six published pictures of the 30-year-old star along with her new boyfriend.

Just the other day, she denied her new romance with Andrew Taggart, a popular in America DJ. However, the paparazzi again «caught» the sweet couple.

Even though last week the star assured the fans that she was not meeting with anyone, the paparazzi who caught the singer proved the opposite. Page Six published photos of a 30-year-old star with her new boyfriend.

In the photo, which was taken in New York, Selena, and Andrew touchingly held hands during a night date. At the same time, both looked extremely satisfied. They behaved as if they had met for a long time and managed to get closer.

It is reported that the photos were taken near the bar and the Torrisi restaurant in the prestigious area of Soho, where the couple was heading for a romantic dinner.

It seems that Gomez, although she assured the opposite, actually does not like loneliness at all, which she tried to convince everyone of her recent post on her social network.

Last week, the media reported that, according to eyewitnesses, the actress and the 33-year-old musician had already managed to appear together in different places.

They were bowling, where they spent time together with great pleasure, «looking up» as two teenagers, as well as in the cinema and in private clubs.

However, be that as it may, despite Selena’s strange behavior, Gomez fans are still happy with the new chapter in Selena’s personal life, she finally decided on a new relationship.

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