«This is how she looked to many plastics»: a woman with the largest cheekbones showed herself before

It is reported that the media call the woman the owner of the biggest cheeks.

A model and blogger named Anastasia with abnormally large cheeks showed her photos of all plastic interventions.

Photos published in the current-deleted Instagram account are published by Dailystar.

In published pictures, the woman posed in multi-colored shorts and a short sports top.

Her hair was dyed in a bright shade, and her facial features were natural. At the same time, only the effect of the procedure for lip enforcement procedures is noticeable in the pictures.

It is reported that the media call the woman the owner of the largest cheeks in the world. She achieved such an appearance by regularly introducing Filler into the cheekbones, because of which they became disproportionately large.

It is known that the heroine of history also corrected her appearance, establishing veneers, Botox injections, changing the shape of a chin and jaws, as well as plastic surgery on the body, in particular, liposuction.

In April, the woman made a new injection of Philler and showed her face after the procedure.

In addition, the blogger admitted that at first, she did this procedure on her own using video tutorials for cosmetologists. At the same time, the woman said that she did not regret the manipulations and felt confident and happy.

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