«Photos with a diamond ring surprised fans»: Cher incurring rumors about engagement with a 36-year-old boyfriend

Cher shared an intriguing photo on her personal blog.

It is never too late to find love, especially in such a magical season.

The Christmas night of the singer Cher certainly was not in vain and, it seems, brought a lot of surprises.

Until recently, everyone was surprised by the appearance of a 76-year-old performer in the company of the 36-year-old producer Alexander Edwardson. And today she clearly hinted at the engagement with her lover, suitable for her grandchildren.

Cher shared an intriguing photo on a personal blog. It depicts a luxurious ring with a scattering of diamonds. And with him, the cherished box holds the young boyfriend of the singer.

A short signature for the photo left no doubt. «I have no words», the performer shared her impressions. Honestly, we too!

When fans began to fall asleep the star with comments and questions, she hastened to laugh. «I posted it because his manicure is so cool», Cher explained playfully.

The manicure is really cool, but compared to a sparkling decoration, it clearly fades!

Although the followers of the singer had already begun to congratulate her on a joyful event, the performer herself officially confirmed nothing.

And we think that even if there are no weddings in the end, Cher can still be congratulated on a gorgeous gift from a caring lover.

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