«Incredible, but it came to the police»: Britney Spears’ fans call the police to check the well-being of the singer

She stirred up the interest of the public by changing her name.

The restless Britney does not even need to go on stage in order to regularly find herself in the center of universal attention.

Recently, the singer rolled a tantrum in a restaurant, and then also fueled the public interest, changing her name.

The cheerful fans of Spears seem to have gotten used to all the tricks of the performer. But this time even they were seriously afraid for Britney’s safety.

According to the TMZ tabloid with reference to law enforcement agencies, on Tuesday evening, calls from excited fans of the singer began to enter the office of the local sheriff.

The reason for the panic was that Spears deleted its Instagram account. Although the star repeatedly disappeared on social networks, this time the followers for some reason decided that something was wrong with her, and convinced the police to check if her danger was in danger.

The employees simply had no choice but to go to Britney’s home and make sure that everything was in order with her.

As expected, there were no signs that the singer was in trouble.

Although it is not known whether the authorities and the star were talking personally, they hastened to assure the fans that everything was in order with her. It may well be that Diva just rehearses a new dance in front of the camera to break into it on Instagram again.

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