The wonderful orangutan was noticed when he extended his hand to help a person stuck in the mud

This orangutan reached out his hand to help a man come out from the mud.

In the wild, the closest relatives of man are orangutans. These species are smart, and also have human qualities.

Their understanding is higher than that of other smart animals. Orangutans are dangerous, but sometimes they can show «humanity».

This compassionate Orangutan extended his hand to help a person get out of the dirt.

The witness of this incident is Anil Prabhakar from Indonesia, who began to study the Orangutan in 2019. He was bothered by their population and the dangers that they threaten them, poaching, venomous snakes, etc.

So, Prabhakar received a tour to visit the Orangutan survival fund. He wanted to get acquainted with the orangutan, to study them, and, of course, to take a few good pictures.

Once a man saw a ranger who was stuck in the mud, clearing the terrain from the snakes to protect the orangutan.

Suddenly, the monkey extended her hand next to the man and offered help. The ranger later explains why he did not accept help.

Firstly, he is a rescuer of the orangutan, and he is not allowed to do more, than a strong grip on the animal could do more harm than good.

Nevertheless, photographs taken by Prabhakar show that animals may have good intentions. Sometimes they are more compassionate than we are.

A popular photo made some people change their minds about monkeys. Yes, these are wild and dangerous animals, but they may want to save people.

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