«Secret documents that will help in court»: Angelina Jolie wants to sue her ex-husband Brad Pitt

Here is a package of documents of the conflict that occurred between her and Pitt.

«Forgive and forget» is definitely not about Angelina and Brad.

It would seem that after their divorce it passed enough time to bury the ax of war, but the showdown between the ex-springs do not stop. And this time the advantage is clearly on the side of the actress.

According to the Daily Mail, she received a generous «gift» from the FBR package of documents on the investigation of the conflict that occurred between her and Pitt on board the aircraft back in 2016.

It is believed that it was then, on the flight from Paris-Los Angeles, Brad raised his hand to Angelina and their children, which led to the parting of the most beautiful pair in Hollywood.

By the way, the bureau decided to support the actress for a reason. According to media reports, in April 2022, Jolie sued the agency for refusing to provide her with investigation materials.

And now the actress got what she wanted. It became known that the first tranche of documents (more than 100 pages!) Was sent to Angelina at the beginning of the month. The actress plans to use papers to get «legal protection» from her ex-husband.

Only one question remains: why did the FBI investigate a private quarrel?

Probably, the fact is that the conflict occurred in the air, and not in any of the states. In addition, the incident is considered resonant: the actor categorically denies the accusations of ex-springs in domestic violence.

But be that as it may, the trials continue and are becoming more and more like the shooting of the sequel «Mr. and Mrs. Smith. » We are waiting for new heartbreaking details!

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