«Reaction of the beautiful Shakira surprised fans»: the star reacted to the photo of her ex-husband with his girlfriend

In the new songs of the beauty, she refers to the nameless former lover.

It would seem that the showdown between Shakira and her ex-husband has already ended.

But fragments of past feelings and hopes obviously do not allow a couple to calm down. The photo from the page of the football player, on which the new girl Pica first appeared before the eyes of the fans, was in earnestly enraged Shakira.

Note that earlier Shakira preferred to deal with the peak through her work. Yes, in the new songs of the beauty, she turns to the nameless former lover.

But we all perfectly understand what the Latin American star really means. Gerard, on the contrary, creatively reacted to every woman’s demand.

The confrontation of the couple came to a new level after the football player suddenly decided to demonstrate his lover to the world.

Of course, people already knew what the current girl Gerard Piqué looked like. But the audience saw her only in the pictures taken by the paparazzi.

But then Piqué unexpectedly posted a picture with Clara Chia Marti, made with his own hands on the network!

Football fans were terribly surprised. Apparently, the girl will soon become a new wife of a talented athlete.

Shakira’s reaction to such news is also not surprising. In the last video, which the singer shared with the world, the beauty dances to her last hit.

And the signature for the video reads: «Women no longer cry, women dance merengue». Fans of the singer are sure that they know the meaning of the message of their idol.

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