«Kanye West was again in the spotlight»: the famous rapper once again attacked a fan

The main Hollywood brawler gets into some dubious story at least once a month.

It would seem that for the newlywed Kanye the most suitable time to relax and enjoy life with a new wife-but no!

The main Hollywood scandalize would not be himself if he had not at least once a month fallen into any dubious story.

The latter happened 2 days ago in Los Angeles-and this time everything is very serious: the police even intervened.

On the way to the basketball match with his daughter, North Raper noticed a stranger who not only followed him but also shot him on his phone.

Kanye approached her car and demanded to stop, but the woman replied that he had the right to photograph and record a video with a musician because he is a celebrity.

It was then that the nerves of the star surrendered: the rapper grabbed the phone from her hands and, without hesitation, threw it away.

Unfortunately for E, the woman’s companion was photographed. The fans of the provocations immediately called the police, and a criminal case was instituted against the musician.

We hope that the new wife of Kanye (who, by the way, was also in the North match) loves him as he is, with all the dubious past.

And if the rapper has attacks of unmotivated aggression again, she can use his own «forbidden trick» and just throw out the smartphone of her beloved husband.

We are sure that without him, E would have much fewer problems.

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