A lone bear and the babies of a white bear became best friends and conquered millions of hearts

These two cubs like playing with each other, wrestling, and doing other stuff.

After Jabbie was taken to the zoo, he met a bear, only it was a white bear named Laerke.

The White Bear was born in 2020, but shortly after his birth, his mother threw the baby because he was weak and had to be grown manually.

In addition, there were no white bears in the zoo, so the poor child was alone.

The appearance of Jebbie was a miracle. Laerke is not alone. They became best friends. These two teddy bear love to play with each other, fight and do other things that bear cubs like to do.

The best living conditions in the zoo are provided for kids. They have a large place for life, a grassy tundra, and a pool with fresh water.

The zoo is open to everyone who wants to meet these amazing fluffy friends. They have so many years ahead to spend and show their example of friendship.

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