«New blonde haircut conquered all fans»: Zendaya, after winning the Best Actress in «Euphoria» award

She became famous all over the world after the main role in the series «Euphoria».

26-year-old Zendaya-one of the most promising and demanded actresses at the moment.

She became famous throughout the world after her main role in the series «Euphoria». The second season was followed by the second, and in the breaks between the filming of the drama, Zendaya managed to work on the Dune project.

Now, by the way, the actress takes off the continuation. And, according to insiders, there she will have much more screen time.

However, Zendaya is popular not only thanks to its brilliant acting career. She also managed to get the title of a style icon, and also twisted an affair with the same promising actor Tom Holland.

Internet users are looking forward to each new appearance of Zendaya on the red carpet. However, now she is too busy. Even her star blog is far from as active as that of the vast majority of her colleagues.

It is thanks to this that the attention of the fans is riveted to the life of the actress, and they are happy to consider every rare picture that the star of «euphoria» publishes.

For example, the other day Zendaya showed that she decided to change the image.

Recall that at the end of last year, she made a bob-later her example followed by Haley Bieber. Now the actress wanted to lighten her hair a bit and shared the result on social networks.

«She is attractive, elegant, and feminine. Zendaya’s smile deserves special attention», «To be honest, I did not watch a single film with her participation, but at the same time I study every outfit. She just has amazing taste », «with such a hair color, I think it will become even nicer», Internet users share their opinions in the comments.

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