«He is like her father»: Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio has a new girl who is 30 years younger than him

In the only photographic evidence, the couple behaved quite modestly.

As soon as we began to rejoice that the Hollywood heart-eater has a personal life, he was published with a new girl.

Today, the network is violently discussing the new novel by Leonardo DiCaprio. Yes, yes, you did not mishear. Against the backdrop of rumors about relations with 23-year-old Victoria Lamas, a 48-year-old actor appeared at a party in Los Angeles with the Israeli model Eden Polanyi.

In the only photo show, the couple behaved quite modestly. There are rumors that Eden did not leave Leo all evening.

There are rumors that Eden did not leave Leo all evening.

In the meantime, several facts about the potential lover of the chief bachelor of Hollywood.

The main question is: how old is she?

Eden 19-all according to the requirements of Leo. It is known that for her years she is a rather experienced model: for several years she has been walking on the catwalk and recently signed a contract with the famous ITM Model Management agency.

Eden travels around the world all the time, and we doubt that such a layout is suitable for Leo. He also changes the girls in Los Angeles like socks, so he is unlikely to fly to the end of the world on a date.

In addition, Leo recently bought another house, which is located next to his already huge estate.

The actor has five neighboring houses and a record 21,000 square meters of land. It seems that DiCaprio really wants to settle down.

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