«Cute son of the beauty surprised fans»: Emily Ratajkowski’s son made his debut in a fashionable campaign

She and her first child took part in a fashion shoot for Tory Brunch.

The charming baby made his debut as a model for a famous brand, and his company was a famous mother.

The one-year-old son of Emily Ratajkowsky touched fans. The kid made his debut as a model for a new collection of fashion brand.

Ratajkowski and her firstborn Sylvester Apollo Bear took part in a photo shoot for Tory Brunch.

Filming of the new spring-summer 2023 campaign appeared on the social networks of the model and on the official page of the brand. And this will surely affect everyone.

The colorful photo shoot of Ratajkowsky and her son took place in the location of the famous Hollywood hills.

The main decorations of the campaign were the streets, green palm trees, and bizarre shadows of trees, against which the famous mother and son posed.

Ratajkowski tried on translucent turtlenecks, a cream skirt, a sand jacket, and other things from the new Tory Brunch collection, diluted with luxurious accessories: from Cuff Bracelets to large earrings Pocahontas.

But most of the fans of the model struck the debut of her son Sylvester.

In the photo, a blond baby appeared in a suit of a funny alien. He also tried on the images of carrots and a fabulous cockerel.

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