«Suffering in marriage bothered everyone»: Jennifer Lopez admitted that she was apparently not in the best condition

Earlier only children were waiting for J. Lo at home, now her adored husband too.

Now Jennifer Lopez lives his best life.

She is very successful in everything that she does. It creates new music, develops its own brand, leads a page on social networks, acts in films and clips, and at the same time does not forget to spend time with her beloved family.

And if earlier only beloved children were waiting for Jay Lo at home, now her adored husband Ben Affleck is also reaching for the family heart.

By the way, he has recently starred in new films.

Probably, the actor decided to relax a bit and enjoy the advantages of marital status. But Jen’s career seems to not slow down for a second. And, apparently, the celebrity is extremely worried about this.

The other day, Lopez gave an outright interview for Extra, in which she talked about how happy to become the stepmother of three children Affleck-Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel.

And Ben, according to Jennifer, copes with the role of a stepfather. But at the same time, something still bothers the singer. Namely, she suffers from an acute lack of time.

During a conversation with journalists, Jennifer said that she was trying to combine her busy singing and acting careers with the duties of her mother, stepmother, and wife.

«I honestly try my best. I try to suffer alone so that no one can see this. As a performer and actress, I have to show myself only from the best side», the star emphasized in an interview with reporters.

We sincerely hope that Jennifer would find a balance because during the interview it seemed that she was close to a nervous breakdown and real exhaustion.


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