«Incredible amount really surprises everyone»: the prince Harry earned on the sale of his memoirs

According to The Mirror, he received a solid percentage of sales-$16 million.

Back in 2020, it became known that Prince Harry signed a contract with Penguin Random House and, together with journalist John Mehringer, began work on memoirs.

The release of the book was constantly postponed, and at some point, the duke wanted to abandon this venture. But on January 10, the world nevertheless saw the autobiography of Prince Harry, with the eloquent name «Spare».

As the Western press later found out, the younger prince received $ 20 million before the publication. But that is not all.

According to The Mirror, the duke received a solid percentage of sales-16 million dollars.

And this is not at all surprising, because the prince’s memoirs became a bestseller in the UK and were already in the Guinness Book of Records.

Even despite the fact that some Duke revelations got into the network even before the official release, there were a lot of people who wanted to acquire the publication.

In just a week, 400 thousand copies were sold in paper, electronic and audio formats.

«We were sure that these memoirs would be successful, but they surpassed all our expectations. The only books that surpassed them in sales are the series of J.K. Rowling about Harry Potter», said Larry Finley, managing director of the publishing house.

By the way, Prince Harry himself recently stated that his memoirs would be enough for at least one more autobiography.

The initial version of the «reserve» was twice as much: the duke, along with the editor, reduced 800 pages to 400.

And although Prince Harry now claims that this was done in order to avoid further misunderstandings with relatives, perhaps Sussex fans will never wait for the continuation.

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