«Immediately found a way out of the situation»: the beautiful Kate Middleton fell into an awkward situation

Middleton continued her procession and did not pay attention to the sound.

On January 31, Kate Middleton went to Yorkshire on a visit. She visited the Leeds Kirkgate market, where she talked with sellers and buyers.

This meeting is associated with the launch of another public program of the Princess of Wales-Shaping US.

It is devoted to the significance of the first years of life in the formation of a person’s personality in the future. Many of those present noted the charming and kind character of Kate. However, there were no incidents.

At some point, when Katya was moving around the shopping center, an unknown man from the crowd vulgarly whistled to her, clearly trying to attract attention.

Princess Wales could not help but hear this, but it seemed completely focused on greetings from all sides. Middleton continued her procession and did not pay attention to the sound for a second.

By the way, British journalists associate this incident with the fact that recently there was information on the Web that such whistles can become illegal.

Now in the UK, the legislative level considers the possibility of introducing criminal punishments for harassment to people on the street with a punishment of up to two years in prison.

However, some other Internet users believe that the whole thing is a sharp fall in the popularity of Kate Middleton.

Recall that after the release of the documentary «Meghan and Harry» and the appearance on the shelves of the memoirs of the «Scare», the rating of all members of the royal family was seriously affected.

Of course, Harry himself suffered the most, but he managed to denigrate Kate and William in the eyes of some British. At least, so the latest public opinion polls say.

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