«Bella Hadid caused an ambiguous reaction of fans»: a successful model tried on the image of Marilyn Monroe

It was extremely difficult for some of them to see Hadid as Marilyn Monroe.

One of the most successful models of the present Bella Hadid simply loves to experiment not only with his outfits but also with beauty images.

For example, not so long ago, a celebrity decided to dye her hair.

Fans are already accustomed to the fact that the fashion model has dark hair, so they can still hardly come to terms with the fact that Bella has become a blonde.

And, probably, for the same reason, some of them were extremely difficult to see Hadid as Marilyn Monroe.

The fashion model posted a new video on her blog, for which she posed in a charming white wig with flirty curls around her face.

Naturally, this hairstyle instantly reminded me of Marilyn Monroe. At the same time, Bella posed in a shortened white T-shirt.

Many Internet users have positively reacted to this beauty experiment.

Some noted that, most likely, Marilyn in 2023 will look like that.

«I don’t understand Bella’s criticism. She looks modern. In the 1960s, it would be strange. Now-not at all», «She does not claim to be Marilyn Monroe 2.0, but simply shows an interesting image», and «It seems to me that it turned out very interesting», some fans of Bella write.

Critics, as always, are inexorable.

«Monroe and Hadid. Too many differences in all aspects of life. No matter how hard she tried, she cannot be the same», «Monroe had a unique softness of facial features, and here everything is exactly the opposite », «Monroe had completely different data. She has never been so thin», the Internet users note.

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