«She really likes black, and she is beautiful in this»: Emily loves black, especially if the fabric is transparent

She attended the event in an eye-catching black sheer Cult Gaia gown.

New York Fashion Week officially starts today, but last night Emily Ratajkowski kicked off the celebrations with a big party.  The model attended the launch party for Cult Gaia’s flagship store in Soho.

She came to the event in an attractive black transparent Cult Gaia dress.

Ratajkowski spoke candidly to ELLE.com in November about how she gained confidence in the fashion industry and what inspired her to try bangs.  She wore them as curtain bangs at yesterday’s parties.

When asked how she shows confidence, Ratajkowski replied, «Honestly, I’ll cut my bangs», which she considers her most confident move.  I’ll cut my bangs, and then I’ll think about a red lip.

If I just put it on, it’ll be like, «Well, no one can fuck with me», basically.  You also need to work on your inner confidence.  Do not lie to yourself.  «Mostly, I wait until I feel confident».

Bangs were a «relatively» spontaneous choice. «I love them», she declared. «You can’t be that person», all my friends said.

«You can’t get bangs while going through a breakup». And I thought to myself, «I’ll be that person». Then they all say, «I’m sorry, you were right; they look good».

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