«Charlize found a reason not to waste time»: why there is no point in wasting time on dating apps

However, it did not help the star find love, and here’s why.

Many people install dating apps but quickly become disillusioned with them.  It turns out that actress Charlize Theron is also not enthusiastic about them, but still tried to use them.  However, they did not help the star find love, and here’s why.

Are dating apps disappointing you more?  You’re not alone-Charlize Theron isn’t thrilled with them either.  The actress has found the reason why online dating does not work.

Trying to arrange a personal life, Hollywood actress Charlize Theron tried to get acquainted through dating applications.  However, this experience disappointed the actress.

You must text these guys and then the flirting starts and it’s a little awkward because you don’t know the person.  And they try to be nice, but they say weird things like, «What’s up, sexy? »  All this seems clumsy.

«That’s why I’m still single.  I like it when a good old friend introduces you to someone.  I’m old-fashioned», Theron admitted.

There is some truth in her words-such acquaintances often seem somewhat forced, and conversations turn out to be too stereotyped, which, of course, does not contribute to a romantic atmosphere and does not bring the desired result.

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