«Beautiful star shines and conquers everyone»: charming Britney chose this mini for a reason

Britney took to an Instagram video of herself in a gold mini-dress.

Britney Spears wore a gold cocktail dress and toasted herself on February 7 after sharing a video of her singing «Oops!…I Did It Again» on Instagram.

«She did it again!  Britney Spears, 41, took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a sexy video of herself wearing a gold minidress, and also admitted she was “distressed” after previously sharing a clip of her singing «Oops!… I Did  It Again».  on the week.

The 41-year-old wore a skimpy ensemble with chic high-heeled shoes.

«Yes, and try to beat … yes, it’s me !!!!, she began the caption to the post. «I was messing around in the studio and accidentally posted this version!!!»

I’m in shock, I’m completely shocked!!!  Anyway, here I am last night in my new golden dress!!!  «I think I should dance salsa in this dress!!!»

Shortly after she shared the video, a fan re-posted it and many people gave their opinion on Britney’s outfit.

«I love these dresses», wrote one Britney fan, while another added: «I live for this hairstyle».  Another fan said the gold dress reminded them of Britney’s 2008 album Circus.  «The dress reminds me of the Circus», wrote one of them.

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