«Strict face of the baby speaks of dissatisfaction»: she demonstrates her disapproval of photo shoots

In life, she is just the opposite, she is a very smiling baby girl.

Especially when the baby is still a couple of days old, parents take their angels to immortalize their first days and often see cute sleeping angels lying in cute and cute positions that immediately melt our hearts with their cute, calm, and smiling faces.

However, this time we will not introduce such a story: it is just the opposite.

Meet Luna, this little girl with a weird face during her first photo shoot.

She is only 14 days old, and while not yet talking or walking, she expresses her disapproval with her verbal eyes and facial expressions.

In life, she is just the opposite: a very smiling baby.

As if written on her face that she does not like the process of shooting.

When she wakes up, she likes to look at her new surroundings.

She especially looks at her mother trying to identify herself with her voice.

The photographer also jokes that Luna is a very serious, balanced, and patient girl.

However, in your cute big eyes, you can read that she, to put it mildly, does not like it.!

She seems to be saying «Leave me alone», «Let me sleep» or «Mom, this is definitely the only photo shoot in my life».

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