«Photoshoot in this form stunned everyone»: after the incident with Tristan, Chloe posted extravagant pictures

The long-sleeved costume clings Chloe’s body to perfection.

After the Tristan incident, Chloe posted an extravagant photo shoot in a dazzling dress.

She wore an unforgettable look this week on Sunday!  On January 23, she posted new photos to show

A new gallery of her images, in which she was wearing a tight blue dress.

The long-sleeved suit fits Chloe’s body perfectly, she accessorized the look with snakeskin pumps and her wavy blond hair was pulled back into a ponytail.  In one photo, Chloe is sitting on LV luggage while holding her sunglasses.

She published a series of photos «Material Girl».  She goes outside and takes off her accessories for the second part

Photos posing against the backdrop of the sun.  Chloe’s silver necklace is also visible in these photos, showing only the upper half of her torso.

In the last photo, her glamor is much more visible, with long lashes and bright lips completing the look.

Chloe Kardashian seems to have stopped arguing with Thompson, who is her ex-boyfriend and the father of her daughter.  They reunited in early 2021, almost two years after he cheated on her by kissing another woman.  However, after just a few months, they broke up.  They got along great for most of 2021, but things fell apart at the end of the year when it was revealed that Tristan was having a child with another woman.

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