«Little girl was only 212 grams»: the smallest newborn in the world was discharged from the hospital after 13 months

This baby girl is considered the smallest premature baby on Earth

Meet Quek Yo Xuan, who was born last summer and weighed as little as an apple.

This baby is considered the smallest premature baby on Earth, her weight is only 212 grams.

According to the BBC, she was born 4 months ahead of her time: in just the 25th week, her length is almost 24 cm.

As one of the NUH nurses says, she has never seen such a tiny newborn before.

Even though she has been a nurse for 22 years, Kwek Yu Xuan was the first with such a tiny size.

So, after intensive treatment of the baby in the hospital for more than 13 months, it was possible to «remake» a healthy and «weighty» baby.

Now she weighs 6.3 kg.

Recently, a cute little girl was brought from the hospital.

She is the first newborn to survive a premature birth, despite being so tiny.

The duration of her treatment was so difficult and special.

Her skin was so thin that doctors couldn’t attach probes to it.

In addition, it was so tiny and light that the calculator could not measure it, since there was no such small unit of weight.

According to the University of Iowa, the lightest newborn was recorded before her.

As it was said, it was an American who weighed 245 grams.

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