«Passengers made him smile»: the boy cried all the time on the plane, but a kind gesture changed his mood

He cried all the time until the passengers decided to experiment.

This funny story will make you smile as your little one is about to experience something new.

One day, dad and his little boy were flying in an airplane, and suddenly the child began to cry non-stop.

It was probably the first time he flew on the spot, so for the baby, it was unusual and unusual.

He cried all the time until the kind passengers decided to experiment.

They tried to divert his attention after his parents played the famous children’s song «Baby Shark».

However, the baby did not calm down, and his dad began to sing the song loudly.

So, seeing the upset child, the passengers immediately succumbed to the song.

All the staff began to sing the song so that the baby would not have another chance.

He soon became confused and calmed down.

As if the kid liked the idea, and as if it was good and pleasant for him to hear how the whole plane was singing for him.

Thanks to all these people, the method still worked.

A common way to communicate with upset children is to use loud noises and voices to calm them down.

And this time it really worked.

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