An unlikely moment when the huge lion king first sat down to meet his baby

It’s rare to see a lion that can’t wait to see its baby.

Male lions never get better with their newborn offspring.  Responsibilities for raising children lie with the female until the cubs grow up.

It rarely, but it happens. Recently at the Denver Zoo, a lion was eager to see his 2-month-old for the first time.

The video was posted on Facebook, melting the hearts of many people.  In the footage, the king of beast clings to the ground to see and admire the beauty of his cub.

The zoo decided to introduce the tiny cub to his family.  Lion cub finally met his 2-year-old father.  Soon the tiny cat will be available to the general public at the zoo.

He’s getting ready to go public very soon.  The zoo notes that the lion cub has all the signs of a lion cub-it is energetic, curious, and playful.

Nelia and Tobias are the parents of a wonderful lion cub.  The cub still has no name.  There are three variations of it-Meru, Moremi, and Tatu.

People can vote by donating $1 to the names of the 3 finalists.

We wish the boy well!

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