«After the divorce, she won a beauty contest»: this woman was abandoned by her husband because of her weight

She just gained willpower and decided to change her life.

Alvina Rein’s marriage was getting worse day by day.

Her relationship with her husband became unbearable.

A woman is addicted to overcoming household stress by eating too much fast food.

However, one day her husband decided to leave her.

Alvina was not like an ordinary woman who cries all day after a divorce.

She just gained willpower and decided to change her life, starting from a new page.

For comparison, it is worth mentioning that by the time Alvina left, she weighed 124 kg.

But, shortly after the breakup, she pulled herself together, and the first thing she did was give up fast food.

Then she began to engage in daily training: the first months were very difficult for her.

She later admitted that it was only after the divorce that she realized that her weight had become too large.

So a year later she became unrecognizable.

She lost more than 60 kg and decided to enter the competition.

So, she managed to win the final stage, being recognized as the most attractive woman.

As she says, if not for him, she could not become who she is today.

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