A cute, lonely pig comforted an abandoned kitten when she had a cramp

Animal babies recognize no boundaries of friendship.

The friendship between a cat and a pig is unlikely.  But when a kitten and a pig meet, it becomes real.

Animal babies recognize no boundaries of friendship.  All they want is a family, especially when they are abandoned and neglected.

Something similar happened in this story.

The mother abandoned the black kitten when she was a newborn.  Poor invalid, she has convulsions, and she cannot keep the balance of her body to walk.

But next to her is a true friend, a completely unexpected two-week-old piglet, who was also abandoned by her mother.

These two orphans had a similar past, but luckily, they have a promising future.

In the case of the tiny kitten, she also suffers from cramps and a walking imbalance.  The poor child will not be able to walk easily like other cats.

The two met at the Rancho Relaxo Rescue Base in New Jersey.

Now Sriracha is overcoming his health problems thanks to the white Batman.  Piglet is always next to his friend.  He comforts her and cuddles the tiny kitten to him.

Batman realizes that Sriracha needs his care.  They are so attached to each other.

Their selfless friendship and selflessness won the hearts of many people.  They are a great example for many of us.

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