«Unique beauty 134 cm tall»: here is the story of the smallest model in the world

She decided to dramatically change her lonely life and attitude toward people.

Meet Asta Young, a charming girl from Hong Kong, who conquered the Internet with her unusual appearance.

Beauty «Thumbelina» is only 134 cm tall.

However, Asta had problems since childhood, and when she was a schoolgirl, her classmates treated her rudely.

So, because of her tiny growth, her peers often laughed at her.

As a result, she began to close in herself and did not communicate with other children around.

Many years later, the pretty girl graduated from school but remained the same closed personality.

However, once she decided to radically change her lonely life and attitude towards people.

So, something magical happened to her, like her long-standing dream-to praise, like her beloved heroes.

Soon she worked to realize her dream. So, its vivid images were noticed by Internet users, making it a popular character.

Gradually, she began to «get out of her shell», becoming sociable and friendly to people.

In the end, she even had many close friends.

The famous lady even married and lives with her husband in the USA.

Her man completely loves her «tiny» wife and admires her cosplay character.

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